Eva's Unique Approach

Health, Life and PTSD- Trauma Recovery Coaching

I am a mother, business owner, long-time health and wellness enthusiest, and domestic abuse activist For the past 20 plus years, I have worked in marketing and design, owning an advertising agency since 2002. I was passionate about my profession helping other small business owners realize their dreams, but it was fast-paced, high-stress work. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid impacting your metabolism on a cellular level. At the same time I was struggling with Hashi, I was in a psychologically and emotionally abusive relationship, the ending of which was extremely traumatic, adding PTSD to growing list of issues.

Then, over 2 years ago, that all began to change. I left the toxic relationship, moved to the beach and started to relax, then my life started to turn around. The symptoms of my autoimmune disease subsided, the weight melted off (without any grueling diet and exercise), and the PTSD symptoms started to subside. I had been using diet, exercise and habit change techniques for decades to help my son. Like ADD and dyspraxia, I went all-in on researching natural, lifestyle remedies to help reduce the impact of Hasmimoto's Disease (commonly referred to as Hashi) on my life. Reducing was the missing piece. This journey prompted me to further my education and become a Certified Health and Life Coach. In 2019, I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute. My passion is to use my life lessons to help empower others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.



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