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3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today!

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Healthy. Self-assured. At Peace.

That is the happy, empowered woman I am today...but that wasn't always the case. 

Eight years ago, I never would’ve believed I would feel the confidence and pure joy I feel today. Living this kind of rich, healthy and fulfilling life felt like it would always be just out of reach.

Back then, I was struggling with an autoimmune thyroid disease leaving me exhausted and in pain. I was gaining weight no matter how little I ate. And, I was in a stressful toxic relationship and trying to hold down a demanding career. 

So how did I claim my life and finally get my sh!t together?

I’d love to say I had a moment of clarity and took time for serious self-reflection and meditation, but that wouldn't exactly be true. The truth is that while I was building up my ad agency and volunteering to help others, I was working myself into autoimmune meltdown, burning out my thyroid and developing entrenched habits I now understand to be trauma response.

"...a proven SYSTEM that not only gives you a plan to control the chaos in your life, you will also know what to do every day to regain your energy and the focus you need to live your best life..."

Fast forward eight years, with tons of hours spent on research and education, and multiple certifications later: I've combined my personal experience with my professional expertise in creating a powerful proven SYSTEM that can finally show you how to take back the control of your health, your vitality and your life...even if you think you have no time, no budget and no energy...without adding to your stress.

And EVEN if you tried everything else and failed!


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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Successs Storides

Kelly Costello

After years in a toxic relationship, I was anxious, reactionary, and very unsure of myself. My life spinning out of control and my emotions were hijacking my thought process.

Eva’s coaching system has been unbelievably life changing and invaluable. She is so helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate. Everyone has the ability to heal, deserves to have to have a beautiful, happy, fulfilled life and deserves to have someone like Eva to show them how to get there. Read More

Lydia Turpin

Before coaching, my stress levels and anxiety left me feeling like my life was out of control. My relationships with my sons were strained and I had virtually no boundaries, wasn’t taking care of myself and was constantly triggered. I felt hopeless and desperate.

In just 90 days, I’ve dramatically reduced the conflict in my life...Eva’s coaching really produces results.She rocks!… a coach that is really knowledgeable, down-to-earth and compassionate! Read More



3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today!

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Smile – It’s your Happiness Superpower

By Eva Medcroft | March 21, 2021

Smile – It’s your Happiness Superpower Your mind has a deep and powerful connection with your body. When we’re stressed our bodies mirror our minds and tightening up. Mentally relaxed and open? Our bodies will also be relaxed. The magic ofneuroplasticity is that this relationship works the other way, too. So if we make our…

Walk the Walk

By Eva Medcroft | March 16, 2021

Mindfulness Exercise: Walk the Walk Movement –  running, dancing, yoga, whatever your body loves – brings us into the moment. When our attention is drawn to our body and its movements, there is less room for agitating, worrying thoughts. This restful yet dynamic state of mindfulness is available to you anytime – just tap into…

Sunday Spark: Stress, the Immune System and Your COVID 10

By Eva Medcroft | March 14, 2021

  Welcome to my first “Sunday Spark”…a quick weekly boost/reset group coaching session. This week we had a quick chat about stress, your immune system and how contributes to your COVID 10 (and what you can do about it) Join me on Facebook Live (my personal profile) every Sunday at 11 am. **** Here is…



Eva M. Medcroft
Certified Health, Life and Trauma-Informed Coach

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3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today!

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