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I may be a health, life and trauma coach now, but that wasn’t always the case.

Five years ago, I never would’ve believed I would feel the peace, joy and confidence I feel today. At that time, living this kind of rich, healthy and fulfilling life felt like it was an impossible dream.

Back then, I was in a dead-end, toxic relationship that left me drained physically, emotionally, intellectually and financially. I had an autoimmune disease that was out of control, leaving me exhausted and in pain, and I was gaining weight no matter how little I ate. I’d throw myself into my career and my volunteering just to avoid going home and facing the mess that was my life.

So what happened to turn my chaotic lifestyle into this empowered, confident, peaceful success?

I’d love to say I had a moment of clarity and took time for serious self-reflection and meditation, but that wouldn't exactly be true. The truth is that while I was building up my ad agency and volunteering to help others, I was working myself into autoimmune meltdown, burning out my thyroid, and digging myself deeper into a controlling, toxic relationship.

My world had to be completely deconstructed to learn that simplicity, serenity and authenticity where what I really valued in life. 

"...a proven SYSTEM that can finally show you how to naturally improve your  health, your confidence and peace-of-mind and to finally live your authentic, empowered life without the self-sabbotage..."

Fast forward 4 years, 45 lbs. lighter, hundreds of hours spent research and education, and multiple certifications later, I've combined my personal experience with my professional expertise in co-creating a proven SYSTEM that can finally show you how drop the weight, end toxic relationships, and take back your health and your power...even if you think you have no time, no budget and no willpower. 

And EVEN if you tried everything else and failed!

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Radio: Jill Nicolini interviews Eva Medcroft 10/6/20

By Eva Medcroft | October 8, 2020

Business Talk Radio 1: Jill Nicolini interview with Eva Medcroft about toxic relationships, its impact on health including weight gain, autoimmune disease and other illness and how a coach can help.

Radio: Joey D intro of Eva Medcroft 9/15/20

By Eva Medcroft | September 15, 2020

Joey D of Business Talk Radio 1 interviews Eva Medcroft about Coaching with Attitude! 9/15/20 (8 minutes)

The Stress – Immune Connection

By Eva Medcroft | August 6, 2020

3 Easy Ways To Seriously De-Stress Your Life Today!

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