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Balanced. Confident. Empowered.

We all strive to be cool, calm and collected, but when we have experienced chronic stress and trauma, that's easier said than done. After stress or trauma (whether is acute, chronic or from childhood), we often find ourselves behaving in ways we feel we have little control over:

–  Withdrawing from friends, family and activities

–  Numbing using alcohol, drugs, food, shopping or other compulsive activities

 – Losing control with emotional or angry outbursts and panic attacks

– Self-sabotaging our health, our relationships, our finances ,and our careers or business

It is not a matter of trying harder, pushing through it or just willing your trauma and stress response away. The way our body and mind reacts to stress and trauma is a powerful biological response – one that is tied to our survival. So it takes knowledge and skill to heal. The impact of trauma on your health, cognative ability, relationships and work doesn't make healing any easier. But there is help. You have the ability to heal and live a beautiful life.

 With my Trauma-Informed Coaching, you will:

1      Reduce triggers, panic attacks and general anxiety
2     Improve your resilience to stress and trauma
3     Restore cognitive function for clearer thinking and better decision making
4     Improve stress-related health issues like heart disease, high-blood pressure, and auto-immune diseases

5    Learn how to heal PTSD and CPTSD


Being trauma-informed myself, I have worked for years to integrating mindfulness practices, the most advanced coaching techniques, and the latest brain and nervous system science to develop...

"...a proven SYSTEM that allows us to co-create a unique program that allows you to heal your nervous system and neural pathways and empower you to finally take control of you mind, your body and your life..."

Step into your own power and control and finally live the calm, beautiful life you love!

Trauma Healing Jumpstart 7-Day Free Trial

Start healing today with this powerful foundation for your trauma healing journey. Check out this online program that shows you step-by-step exactly how to heal.

Our trauma-informed coaching programs!

45 Day Trauma Healing Jumpstart

Learn the hows and whys of trauma response and gain skills to heal with this 45 day online program.

Learn More

Trauma-Informed Life, Health, and BusinessCoaching

Overcome the impacts of chronic stress and trauma on your career and your business – including self sabotage, money blocks, and imposter syndrome as you develop your plan for success.

Read More

Boost Your Healing with Gentle Cleanse

Trauma recovery is boosted by a coached detox cleanse. Learn how you eat can be just as important as what you eat. COMING SOON

Read More

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Successs Stories

Kelly C.

After years in a toxic relationship, I was anxious, reactionary, and very unsure of myself. My life spinning out of control and my emotions were hijacking my thought process.

Eva’s coaching system has been unbelievably life changing and invaluable. She is so helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate. Everyone has the ability to heal, deserves to have to have a beautiful, happy, fulfilled life and deserves to have someone like Eva to show them how to get there. Read More

Lydia T.

Before coaching, my stress levels and anxiety left me feeling like my life was out of control. My relationships with my sons were strained and I had virtually no boundaries, wasn’t taking care of myself and was constantly triggered. I felt hopeless and desperate.

In just 90 days, I’ve dramatically reduced the conflict in my life...Eva’s coaching really produces results.She rocks!… a coach that is really knowledgeable, down-to-earth and compassionate! Read More

Judy Tso, President of Aha Solutions Unlimited
Attitude Agency went the extra mile to create our unique brand that matched our services while really capturing our personality.

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Trauma Response Is Natural – Not a Disorder

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Something’s not right. My stomach is doing flip flops. My heart is racing. My breathing is fast and shallow. Trying to sit still feels like torture. I need to run. This is trauma? I am experiencing the biological response to threatening stimulus also known as trauma response. It could mean the difference between life and…

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Quick tips on healing trauma: Change your luck I know I’m guilty of this myself. But I’ve turned this around. I no longer think I have bad luck no matter how difficult the situation is. This shift in perspective, my mindset, has given me the resilience to rise to the challenge. It is this resilience…

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Certified Trauma-Informed Life, Health and Business Coach

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