Do This One Simple Practice to Turn Your Luck Around

Quick tips on healing trauma: Change your luck

Here is a really, easy exercise to improve your luck. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said (or thought) “I have such BAD luck!”  

I know I’m guilty of this myself. But I’ve turned this around. I no longer think I have bad luck no matter how difficult the situation is. This shift in perspective, my mindset, has given me the resilience to rise to the challenge. It is this resilience that has created my “good luck” while shifting my mindset from being a passive victim to an empowered hero.

This exercise is easy, but needs to be done consistently to make lasting change.

Good Luck Exercise:

Next time you find yourself saying or thinking “I have such bad luck.” Pause. Take a deep breath and look at the situation with gratitude. What components of that situation is positive, something to be grateful for no matter how small? Then say that thing you are grateful for as your good luck.


For instance, if you get a flat going into work, making you late and overwhelmed with all the possible repercussions and saying to yourself  “I have such BAD luck! I have a flat tire and I can’t afford be late and I might loose my job and, and, and…”

Stop. Say to yourself “Whoa, Pause here. How can I look at this from a positive perspective and from a position of power?”

Then you might say, “I have such GOOD luck! When I got a flat tire, I was able to pull over safely and I had the knowledge and skill (even though I just looked it up on YouTube) to change my tire and quickly make it to work. Great Job!!”

When you get into the practice of

(1) noticing when you are in negative self-talk,

(2) hitting pause, and

(3) restating that same negative thought or speech from the positive perspective you will rewrite your neural pathways to automatically to think and speak from the positive, empowered perspective.

In just a few weeks, you will have developed a new, good habit that will bring you good luck for life!

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