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8 Ways Trauma Can Sink Your Biz

How does trauma show up in YOUR business? It’s important understand that our response to trauma is a powerful, life-saving defense mechanism.  It is the core, instinctual and subconscious part of ourselves that keeps us safe. For our critter brain, that means status quo. No change. For business, status quo and no change means we…

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Do This One Simple Practice to Turn Your Luck Around

Quick tips on healing trauma: Change your luck Here is a really, easy exercise to improve your luck. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said (or thought) “I have such BAD luck!”   I know I’m guilty of this myself. But I’ve turned this around. I no longer think I have bad luck no matter…

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Defeating Imposter Syndrome

I’m stuck. Too embarrassed to move backward. Too afraid to move forward. If I curl up in a little ball, maybe nobody will notice that I don’t belong. Maybe they won’t notice that I am not smart enough, or creative enough, skilled enough, or whatever enough. If I fade into the background, just maybe I won’t be…

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