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3 Easy Ways To Seriously De-Stress Your Life Today!

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I may be a health and life coach now, but that wasn’t always the case.

If someone had told me five years ago I'd be interested in clean, all-natural cooking and eating, cycling, tranquility, and healthy living, I would've probably looked at them like they had two heads.

I was the one with the fast-paced, high-stress marketing career. I needed to be moving and shaking. I was a workaholic that skipped meals, pulled all nighters (while smoking and drinking vast amounts of coffee) and got the job done at all costs! This left me bloated, with little energy and a lot of health issues.

So what happened to turn my high-stress lifestyle into this zen, low-stress success? I’d love to say I had a moment of clarity and took time for serious self-reflection and meditation, but that wouldn't exactly be true. The truth is that while I was building up my ad agency and career, I was working myself into a Hashimoto autoimmune meltdown and stuck in a controlling, toxic relationship. My world had to be completely deconstructed to learn that simplicity, serenity and authenticity where what I really valued in life. 

"...a proven SYSTEM that can finally show you how to live a healthy, low stress lifestyle and lose weight without denial or boredom..."

Fast forward 4 years, 45 lbs lighter, thousands of hours spent researching, invested several thousands on education, multiple certifications and my decades of coaching business clients later, I've combined my personal experience with my professional expertise in a proven SYSTEM that can finally show you how drop the weight, stress and pain...even if you have no time, no budget and no willpower. 

And EVEN if you tried everything else and failed!

Ready to finally live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle?


Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!


Empowerment from Healing and PTSD Recovery

By Eva Medcroft | February 15, 2020

My challenges with my son’s ADD and Dyspraxia and my Hashimoto Thyroid Disease and PTSD led me to my calling as a health & life coach.

2.2.20 – Food for Thought

By Eva Medcroft | February 2, 2020

Nourishment for the Mind & Soul #FoodForThought

3 Easy Ways To Seriously De-Stress Your Life Today!

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