Smile – It’s your Happiness Superpower


Smile – It's your Happiness Superpower

Your mind has a deep and powerful connection with your body. When we’re stressed our bodies mirror our minds and tightening up. Mentally relaxed and open? Our bodies will also be relaxed.

The magic ofneuroplasticity is that this relationship works the other way, too. So if we make our body more relaxed, our mind will follow.

One of the best ways of doing this is by smiling. Next time you’re dealing with a difficult emotion or situation, try softening your face and smiling. This will tell your mind that you’re doing OK – even if you’re not feeling super-happy in the moment.

Daily Hapiness Practice: 2 Minute Smile

To up-level the effects of smiling, add a simple smiling exercise into your daily practice. Take a few deep, clearing breaths. Be curious and open. For 60 seconds, allow your face to soften and gently turn up the corners of your lips so they naturally turn up in a soft smile. Drop your smile briefly. Then soften your face again and smile for another two minutes. With curiosity and without judgement, notice any subtle shifts in your mood or energy and be happy

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