Are you distracted from a task or a goal?

We've all been there. We have an important task we need to accomplish or a goal we really want to achieve, but something just keeps getting in the way.

Distracting thoughts keep popping up. We have trouble finding time to get things done or we simply feel we are pushing a boulder up a hill.

Rather than doing more of the same by just trying harder. Give in.

With curiosity and without judgement, ask your mind, your heart and your gut what message it is trying to tell you. Your subconscious may have picked up on something your conscious mind is missing.

Maybe it's important information that you need to complete your task. Maybe you simply need a break. You may have a habit that needs adjusting or an internal conflict or fear you need to address.  Or you might be marching in the wrong direction all together.

Find a quiet space. Take a deep breath and learn from your distractions.  They can be very valuable teachers.


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