Manipulative Abusor’s Cheap Trick: Abuse through Legal System

When a narcissist has moved on to their next supply, they will devalue and discard you. But that doesn't mean their finished with you.

They still need to control your emotion and attention, even if they have someone new in their life. Once you have moved on and no longer show interest in them, they have other tricks up their sleeve, especially if they are malignant.

Most narcissists, regardless of where they are on the spectrum, will engage in smear tactics. Because they can't stand to be perceived as wrong, they will project their weaknesses and faults on their victims. In their mind, no one can know you left them because they were emotionally/psychologically abusive, cheating manipulators. Instead, they tell everyone that they left you because you were crazy, a drunk, a drama queen – in other words, they tell anyone who will listen that you were the abuser and they were the victim.

Malignant narcissists and other emotional/psychological abusers will take it a very damaging step further. They smear you through the legal system.

  • Expensive, messy divorces
  • Making false accusations to social services
  • Malicious abuse of process
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