Walk the Walk


Mindfulness Exercise: Walk the Walk

Movement -  running, dancing, yoga, whatever your body loves – brings us into the moment. When our attention is drawn to our body and its movements, there is less room for agitating, worrying thoughts.

This restful yet dynamic state of mindfulness is available to you anytime – just tap into the sensation of your movement. For instance, when you’re walking, put all your attention into how it feels when you’re walking. Feel your legs move and arms move. Feel your feet at they touch the ground and lift back up. Feel the air on your body and your breath go in and out. Let yourself become the walking and enjoy the simple pleasure how connecting and peaceful that experience can be.

You can practice this mindful movement exercise for anything physical. Writing? Put all your attention to how if feels physically to write. Feel the muscles in your hand move. Feel the motion of your pen as it glides across the page. Feel the texture of the paper. Become the writing….

With practice, your daily physical movements – large and small – can bring you into the moment. And that is where healing happends.

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